Pico Island:



The second largest island of the Acores is app. 50 km long and max. 15 km wide.
The island is divided into three community's,  Madalena, Sao Roque and Lajes do Pico with app. 15.000 inhabitants and some 45.000 cattle.
Pico is a natural wonderland. Forests, untouched nature and the most beautiful highlands with lakes and the Pico mountain, reaching to 2.351 m in height, being the highest mountain in Portugal.
At the coast you will find plenty of beautiful cliffs, basalt formations, caves and bays with natural swimming pools.


  We are situated in the gulf stream so the climate is very mild. In winter the temperature at daytime will be not less than 15°C, in summer not more than 27°C. The water temperature in winter is app. 17°C, in summer 24°C. Most rainfall is experienced in February till April, but usually we have short showers and not long rainy days.




  442 sqkm
surface higher than 300m: 59%
inhabitants:  15 125 inhabitants
inhabitants per sqkm: 34
highest peak: Pico, 2.351 m
main towns: Lajes, Madalena und Sao Roque
airport: Cachorro, 7 km east of Madalena
person ferry: Madalena to Horta 4 to 7 times daily,
Sao Roque to Sao Jorge 2 to 5 times per week and in summer also to Terceire and Graciosa
distances: 260 km to Sao Miguel
270 km to Flores
position: 28° 20` west
38° 30` north


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